Interview: Cable Co's Ashley Thilthorpe

Introducing Ashley Thilthorpe, one of the main faces of Cable Co Coffee along with Nisse Sauerland.

Were you worried about the impact of Covid-19?

Absolutely. To begin with everything was seeming to just carry on as normal until the reports of the number of cases starting jumping up at an insane rate. We started offering free coffee to NHS staff back at the start of February to help them out as they were under a lot of pressure. It was great seeing the ambulance crews and nurses coming to the shop to grab a drink but they were giving us some pretty scary news.

We closed for two weeks at the start of lockdown and then we opened back up serving from the door for a few hours a day and have managed to keep evolving with the government regulations and guidelines ever since.

Top tips for anyone wanting to start their own business?

Think long and hard about what you want to offer and what you want to achieve. What is going to set your business apart from everyone else no matter what industry you're planning on being in. Oh, and be prepared to work a lot of hours getting it right. 

Most of all though, be passionate about what you’re doing and enjoy it.

What do you order if you’re on the other side of the counter?

As long as it tastes good and I know a bit about where the coffee has come from I’ll drink anything from Filter to Iced Lattes.

Top tip for people using Cable Coffee at home? Ask us for advice on how you’re using it. If you’re making a cafetière or Aeropress I’ve got a great recipe!

What are your plans for Cable..or is that top secret?

No nothing top Secret here, wait, sorry Nisse what was that? Oh sorry I can’t say...