Journal: The Rise of alternative milks

More and more we see people ordering their coffee with alternatives to dairy milk. With the rise of veganism, more of us being lactose intolerant or people simply preferring a more healthy diet, it is not surprising that we are seeing more people switch up their coffee orders. There are a huge number of alternatives out there now, but sometimes it can be overwhelming with what to opt for.

From iced lattes with almond milk to soya cappuccinos, we serve a variety of alternative milk coffees. Below are some of the alternatives to milks served at Cable. 

Oat Milk

Oat milk is fairly sweet in taste and is packed full of fiber which makes you feel more full than other alternative milks. It has seen a huge surge of popularity in the last couple of years and its creaminess makes it perfect for drinks like lattes. 

Perfect for ordering: Cappuccinos or Lattes

Soy Milk

A firm favourite, Bonsoy milk has been one of the longer-standing milk alternatives, the protein coming from soya beans. In terms of nutritional value it is the closest to traditional cow milk and you can also find it in different flavours! 

Perfect for ordering: Chai Latte

Almond Milk

Almond milk has a lower protein value than the aforementioned milks but tends to be creamier than many of the other milk substitutes. It has a surprising low calorie count so why not treat yourself with adding it to one of our delicious hot chocolates? 

Perfect for ordering: Flat white